1. Jan3 b/w I Know
    Improvement Movement

  2. Stolen Reptile Tech Piece b/w Wild Cluck Wind
    They Speaking Canaries

  3. Threads
    The Purkinje Shift

  4. Strange Secrets Worth Knowing b/w It's A Situation
    Improvement Movement

  5. You Got It Dude

  6. It's About To Go Down b/w Polar Bear

  7. Honey Radar/Gotobeds split single

  8. Elf Power/Velvet Monkeys split single

  9. Man...or Astro-Man/Tar split single

  10. Messenger b/w Cliff Notes
    Pylon Reenactment Society

  11. Exploding b/w Bells/Theme
    Air-Sea Dolphin

  12. The Ultimate Survival Machine
    The Buckshot Boys

  13. Bardo Pond/Major Stars split

  14. Air-Sea Dolphin/Sloshy split

  15. Sunset Preacher b/w Confessional

  16. Psychic Cruise
    Honey Radar

  17. Mohawker b/w Mo Ave Tav
    The Purkinje Shift

  18. A Mark E. Smith Tribute Single

  19. dot.s/Small Reactions split 7"

  20. Definitely Not A Redd Kross EP
    The Gotobeds

  21. The Patient/Breathers split 7"

  22. Part Time Punks Session
    Pylon Reenactment Society

  23. Micro-Impressions Volume 1
    Henry Owings

  24. MG VS IQ
    Material Girls

  25. Dayglow/Motorcycle Blue b/w Blood

  26. Nymphs b/w Give Up
    Death Stuff

  27. Sleep In b/w Hair

  28. Three Singles

  29. Split 7"
    Air-Sea Dolphin/Honey Radar

  30. Debut Single
    The Kitten Band

  31. Plastique b/w Suffering

  32. Fever Bass b/w Thesis

  33. Science Faire
    The Apples in stereo

  34. Giraffe & Ignore The Bells 2x7"
    Honey Radar

  35. Moment b/w Violet Violence

  36. Here b/w Her
    All The Saints

  37. Split Single
    Honey Radar/Henry Owings

  38. Summer Band b/w He Did Send In The Army
    Thee Speaking Canaries

  39. Live

  40. Ignore The Bells
    Honey Radar

  41. Gravity b/w Weather Radio

  42. New Dress (Debutante) b/w NY Swagger
    The Gotobeds

  43. Giraffe EP
    Honey Radar

  44. Scarce Tracks
    Salad Boys

  45. US Tour 2015 Single

  46. Wendy's
    The Corporate Office

  47. Platter Base Must Be Constructed of Moon Rock
    Thee Speaking Canaries

  48. Survivalized
    Survival Knife

  49. Here Come The Real Boys

  50. John Peel Session
    The Olivia Tremor Control

  51. Astro Analog Series 1 through 3
    Man...or Astro-Man?

  52. Astro Analog Series Volume 1
    Man...Or Astro-Man?

  53. Astro Analog Series Volume 2
    Man...or Astro-Man?

  54. Astro Analog Series Volume 3
    Man...Or Astro-Man?

  55. The Juke That Sat By the Door

  56. A Major Motion Picture
    The Rock*A*Teens

  57. Five Pairs of Crazy Pants. Wear 'Em.
    Don Caballero

  58. 1988-1995

  59. Feel This b/w Hell's Bells

  60. Split Release
    Torche + Part Chimp

  61. Coke Sucks. Drink Pepsi.
    Fucked Up

  62. Sight & Seen

  63. Whirlyball Single #2
    Various Artists

  64. Chunklet 20 Bonus 7"
    Zach Galifianakis/Ted Leo

  65. Whirlyball Single #1
    Various Artists

  66. Family Day
    The Bruces

  67. Hialeah Pink
    The Bruces

  68. 1985 EP

  69. Result Dies With The Worker
    The Azusa Plane

  70. Chunklet OS 14
    Various Artists

  71. 27.4.97

  72. UFO's And The Men Who Fly Them
    Man...Or Astro-Man?

  73. Waltor b/w Schuman Center 91
    Don Caballero

  74. The Money Shot
    Various Artists


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